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The powerful cleaning machine for the public area.

Developed by professionals for professionals

Based on our many years of experience and close cooperation with our cleaning teams and our clients, we have developed the City Tiger H. The powerful cleaning machine for extensive surface cleaning and chewing gum removal from streets and sidewalks in public areas.

The City Tiger H is a complete cleaning vehicle, which is equipped with a special cleaning head at the front that contains rotating nozzles and removes dirt from the floor using hot water under pressure of up to 130 ° C, and steam. The direct absorption of the dirty water enables maximum cleanliness. The system does not use any chemicals, cleaning agents or brushes, the cleaning is contactless, the cleaning agent is water.

Cleaning of all kinds of pollutions like:

  • Grime due to weather and traffic influences
  • Chewing gum
  • Algae and moss deposits
  • Oil and grease stains
  • Cleaning of street furniture
  • Oil spills clean up

City Tiger H: Total cleaning Concept for City Cleaning

The City Tiger H is also suitable for the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The system is equipped with two high pressure connections with which two operators, independently of each other, can carry out cleaning work professionally. E.g., the cleaning of street furniture, rubbish bins, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, cleaning of stairs, walls, and facades. Everything with precisely adjustable working pressures and temperatures.

Theoretical area performance: up to 1,000 m2 / hour

Security and quality

Our machines meet the highest requirements. Reliable through quality.

Base of the Machine

A stainless-steel structure with high-quality, large-format industrial components that meet the high quality and durability requirements of the latest municipal technology. With the flip-up side covers, access to all components integrated in the body is extremely easy.

The cleaning system is provided with a very stable computer system. Adjustment of cleaning settings takes place via a modern touchscreen with simple menus. With pop-ups the driver is informed about the status of the system. Special service menus for the workshop and a direct link with Jadon for updates and service checks makes service easy and reliable.

The chassis

The cleaning system is based on a reliable tool carrier with fully hydraulic drive, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel steering with two operating modes; Transport travel up to 40 km/h, standard steering, and work travel up to 15 km/h, with constant engine speed and all-wheel steering

Easy to operate

The cleaning functions are controlled via a joystick with multi-function switches. All functions in one hand. The cockpit of the City Tiger H offers optimal working conditions for the driver: Individually adjustable seating position with adjustable steering wheel, with an optimal view through the generously designed windscreen, rear camera assistance and equipment such as heating.

Training and experience

Jadon offers a total package, cleaning technology, training, and experience. Our experience as a contractor is used and shared to train your staff to enable them to clean all types of pavements without problems. We are happy to be a popular contact for our customers for advice, service, and support.

City Tiger H Features:

High cleaning performance with the best results
Developed and built by cleaning specialists
No chemicals or detergents, no brushes, cleaning is contact free
Low maintenance costs due to a minimum of wear parts
Also suitable for processing hard-to-reach areas
Manual high-pressure cleaning for cleaning street furniture
Stainless steel cleaning structure with industrial components
High production output due to low maintenance intervals
Good manoeuvrability thanks to the high steering angle and four-wheel steering

State-of-the-art engine technology / latest emissions are standard
Training of your employees to cleaning professionals is included
Top service, always available for quick advice and technical service

Do you have a specific job, no problem! We offer a solution for every project.
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