Stations & airports cleaning

Large numbers of pedestrians using relatively small surface areas results in high levels of dirt and pollution, particularly if people are hanging about with food and drinks, chewing gum and cigarettes. However, in general everybody expects that these areas in particular are kept clean, tidy and safe.

The unique Jadon cleaning process is ideally suited to deep-cleaning and is carried out quickly and efficiently without causing disruption. Jadon possesses the specific know-how and experience that is required for such locations. We always provide the perfect final result by using the appropriate procedures and technologies.

Jadon cleans train and bus stations and airports on a regular basis in the Benelux and Germany. Naturally our company is VCA/BTR certified and we guarantee a consistent approach with regard to safety for both our employees and bystanders.

Specialised cleaning activities

As well as cleaning paved areas on platforms and in terminals, we also carry out specialised cleaning for airports and railway stations, which can involve the following activities.



  • Removal of rubber tyre marks and/or cleaning the centre lines on runways.
  • Cleaning the lighting on the centre lines on runways.
  • Removing oil patches from railway platforms.
  • Cleaning walls and other objects in or around the stated clearance gauge (railways).
  • Station wall cleaning
  • Cleaning staircases.