Environment & innovation

Innovative systems for optimal results

The Jadon cleaning process is based on hot water, steam and high pressure. With the correct combination of different cleaning techniques, all types of dirt and contamination can be processed and removed in a single treatment process.

The cleaning water used in the process is immediately vacuumed up from the surface and filtered inside the machine. This makes it possible to separate the water from the dirt for removal. The machine can operate completely independently and only requires a water supply in the vicinity of the working location. Jadon machines are continually linked to the home-base via GPS/GPRS. This allows home-base to monitor the location of the machines and the cleaning methods being applied.

In the event of defects or breakdowns, the machine can be diagnosed ‘remotely’ so that it is possible to keep any standstills to a minimum.


Keeping the question of the environment to the fore, we use neither cleaning agents nor chemicals – not even the so-called ‘environmentally friendly’ or biodegradable’ products.

The Jadon cleaning agent is simply, pure, clean water.

Naturally, it contains no dangerous substances such as softening agents for chewing gum or other types of emulsifiers. This is where Jadon distinguishes itself from the competition in the cleaning market!

Our machines use the latest diesel technology and are fitted with high quality, electronically controlled exhaust gas filtering systems. The system ensures that 99% of the soot particles in the exhaust (fine particles) are removed! Our machines also conform with the European limit values (TRGS, VERT) for working in poorly ventilated spaces such as car parks, business premises and tunnels.


Energy released during the process is in the form of steam and heat and is immediately recovered. This results in up to 40% savings in the energy used for heating the water.