Cleaning car parks

The floor is playing an increasingly important role in the design of car parks. Floor coatings using a whole range of colours are becoming more common than conventional concrete floors. Contamination is therefore more visible and is difficult to clean using conventional methods. The floors, which should be clean and provide the visitors a sense of safety, become dirtier and the car park gradually becomes less inviting to use.

Jadon can clean both concrete and coated floor surfaces. The floors are cleaned right down into the concrete pores so that oils, particles and other sorts of dirt and contamination are released and vacuumed away. Of course there is absolutely no damage to the floors with our treatment. Our cleaning teams are highly experienced in cleaning all types of floors and know exactly how each type should be treated.

Dangerous particles are also removed during the cleaning treatment and absolutely no chemicals are used either. Damage to floors or problems with oil and grease separators caused by cleaning solutions (emulsification) are completely avoided. Our machines consist of:

  • vacuum suction system for removing the cleaning water from the floors.
  • 4-wheel drive on the machines, so no problems with steep or slippery inclines.
  • suitable for headroom clearance of 2 metres.
  • equipped with a particle filter which removes 99% of all particles from the exhaust gases.

    Thanks to the enormous suction capacity and the utilization of hot water, car park floors are dry within a short period of time and can be quickly opened up again for use. Or if you prefer, car parks can also be cleaned overnight.

Total cleaning

In many situations Jadon cleans not only the floors, but also the safety barriers, wire fencing, walls and even ceilings. All activities are undertaken using our own materials and personnel. We can also advise you about structured cleaning maintenance plans ensuring that you car park is constantly kept clean. We can provide a total cleaning concept so that you can operate efficiently within our normal high quality standards!