Chewing gum removal

Would you like your public areas to be clean and free of chewing gum? Jadon guarantees a clean shopping area free of chewing gum using a system that is rapidly and expertly implemented, environmentally friendly and causes the minimum of inconvenience!

Clean shopping areas are more attractive to shoppers

Shopping areas are increasingly made more attractive with the application of high quality, decorative paving, often using light colours. At the same time the volume of residents and visitors continues to grow. However regular maintenance such as sweeping does not stop paving becoming contaminated with all sorts substances.

Chewing gum, often in large amounts, causes great annoyance, but also grime caused by weathering and traffic, puts a dirty grey layer over the paving. This results in a deterioration of the original effect and the intended streetscape losing its appeal! Intensive Jadon cleaning is required in such situations!

A clean shopping area attracts visitors, makes a good impression, increases safety levels with everybody ending up benefiting!

It would appear from several surveys that a clean shopping area helps make visitors feel safe, reduces vandalism and is the only way of preventing the accumulation of dirt. When they are in a clean environment, people become more conscious of depositing their litter in the proper receptacles and spitting chewing gum onto the ground for instance. A dirty street tends to invite people to litter and cause vandalism along with all the unsightly consequences!

Streets undergo a real metamorphosis after being cleaned by Jadon

Paving tiles and become as good as new again! The results are seen by everybody, because the difference is immediately apparent!

What kind of cleaning agent do we use? Just pure water.

If you are in doubt about how successful our cleaning process is…
…we guarantee the results before we start!